As part of London Climate Action Week’s #BeatTheHeat focus, we’re drawing attention to the snow and ice crisis in the highest peaks in the world: the Third Pole in Asia. Save Our Snow is a new advocacy collective from the vast highland crescent of the Hindu Kush Himalaya, the tallest mountain range on Earth. 

Incubated by regional knowledge centre ICIMOD, SOS brings together mountain communities, mountain scientists, and mountain champions from culture and the outdoor industry to testify to the fragility and beauty of the Hindu Kush Himalaya: a place that holds the third largest mass of ice after the two poles and which provides water to some of the largest population centres on Earth. 

As temperatures rise and weather systems go haywire, the campaign is calling for leaders to cut the cord on fossil fuels. Join founder members of SOS—renowned athletes, scientists, creatives, and policymakers from Asia and beyond—to hear the latest science, diplomacy, visual storytelling, discussion, and to forge community.  
The event will feature advocates and supporters from ICIMOD’s SaveOurSnow campaign, including: 

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